3D Touch-and-drag: Gesture-free 3D Manipulation with Finger Tracking

Thomas Jung and Patrick Bauer, IEEE Virtual Reality 2018

In this study, we define a new modeling technique called 3D touch-and-drag, wherein users select vertices by simply approaching them
with a 3D cursor such as a forefinger. Operations are finished by removing the 3D cursor from a line or plane in 3D space. These lines
or planes constrain the modeling operations, as is the case when using 3D widgets.
User tests demonstrated that there was no significant difference in movement time between moving a sphere along a line using a
pinch gesture and using the proposed technique. Since it is easier to select a vertex by just approaching it, compared with performing a
pinch gesture, we believe that 3D touch-and-drag is more efficient than current techniques, while being just as precise.

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